Warehouse Cooling

Warehouse Cooling with Mist Technology…Recharge your Workforce!

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Does warehouse cooling increase the productivity of your workforce? There is no doubt. Our cooling technology can lower warehouse temperatures by up to 35 degrees! This reduces the number of breaks needed by employees, and keeps workers working efficiently.

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), a high-temperature work environment can rob up to 20 minutes of productivity every hour! A NASA study found even greater losses of work output, as well as accuracy:

NASA Report CR-1205-1

75ª 80ª 85ª 90ª 95ª 100ª 105ª
Loss in Work
3% 8% 18% 29% 45% 62% 79%
Loss in
5% 40% 300% 700%


Warehouse Cooling Pays!

misting fan cooling warehouseAn investment in warehouse cooling technology starts saving your business lost work output immediately. What does the 29% work output lost at 90 degrees mean to you? It’s effectively increasing your payroll by 29%. How about gaining 300% in work accuracy by cooling your warehouse? Since warehouse cooling costs only a fraction of air conditioning, you can earn back your investment in less than a year in most cases.

We Retrofit. You Save.

We can turn your standard fans into high pressure misting machines! Misting fans use evaporative cooling and convective cooling to “air condition” your facility using mist, at our factory-direct outlet prices.

misting pros warehouse plant coolingHigh Employee Turnover Rate Impacts Your Bottom Line

Absenteeism and high turnover rates are generated by physical discomfort and low employee morale. Using our misting fans on the loading dock, in the aisles, or in break areas to virtually “refrigerate” and recharge you’re most valuable asset: your workforce! With a one-time investment in “warehouse cooling” proactive businesses can avoid the negative impact of a high employee turn-over rate on your company’s bottom line.

Helpful link: See this link for serious facts and statistics on warehouse cooling from the Energy Information Administration.