Poultry Misting

 Cool Chickens Lay More Eggs!

Poultry misting helps broilers or laying hens to: poultry misting

  • Increase egg production
  • Gain weight faster
  • Improve feed conversion
  • Reduce mortality
  • Control odors

When temperatures reach 80°, heat stress begins taking hold. Poultry cooling systems allow you to perfectly control the climate in the laying house or broiler house and maximize poultry performance.

Meat birds will gain weight faster, and convert feed more efficiently

For any house that places 2000 chicks per week around 5 pounds each, saving one point of feed conversion is worth $400 per year. Saving 3 points buys you $1000 per house in additional pay. So poultry misting is a solid investment. In fact, the initial investment in misting can normally be completely paid off in less than 3 years.

Neutralize odors with poultry cooling equipment

High pressure misting fans and poultry misting systems produce tiny droplets of water that evaporate in the air. These misting droplets literally attach themselves to odors and particles in the air, effectively knocking down odors and dust. Odor neutralizing chemicals can also be safely distributed through the misting fans for additional treatment. This is a benefit to the birds, as well as employees in your facility. Also, insects don’t like to fly around in the mist, so these pests are effectively removed by poultry misting.