Portable Cooling Systems

misting pros portable misting fanPortable Evaporative Cooling is your “anytime, everywhere” solution!

Portable cooling systems are extremely versatile.  You can use large portable industrial units for warehouse cooling or for outdoor events.  Or you can select a smaller mobile misting fan that fits in the trunk of your car for sporting events.  Misting Pros has a solution for whatever your portable cooling needs may be.  With the evaporative cooling of mist and the convective cooling of wind, our portable cooling systems can cool the air up to 35 degrees.   From small 3×3 units all the way up to our largest 48” fan, portable evaporative coolers offer another good cooling option. They are self-contained units, using a fan and pad evaporative cooling system. Water is circulated from the tank and soaks into the pad, and a fan pushes air through the wet pad. Pushing air through water evaporates some of the water, and pushes a cool breeze out. We offer oscillating models that can cool up to 100 feet away, and 48 inch fans that can cool 500 people at a football game. The range is wide. Just determine how much power and range you need, and we have a “spot cooling” product to suit your purposes.

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We said they work everywhere, right?

OK, how about on a sports field?misting pros portable misting fan
Protect your team from heat stress

Sport cooling products are widely used in professional and college sports to keep athletes safe from heat stress.  You can see portable misting fans on every sideline in the NFL.  While the other team wilts in the heat, your side will be refreshed and ready.  Higher energy levels, better focus and more winning are the result.

Great for spectators too! Portable cooling units have cooled crowds at swim meets, track and field events, and even at NASCAR events!  Larger portable cooling units can cool as many as 500 people!  Smaller ice chest units provide the portability you need and are perfect for individual teams or small groups of spectators.

How about cooling a warehouse?
Work harder, smarter and safer

Our industrial portable cooling systems help you to take care of your most important assets…your employees and your production.  Eliminate heat stress injuries and lost time with smartly placed spot cooling in your facility.  Cooler workers also work harder, take fewer breaks, and make fewer costly mistakes.  Our portable cooling units can eliminate the need for many other more costly precautions, but lowering temperatures up to 35 degrees.

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Spot cooling is often required for warehouses, factories, outdoor markets and many other applications. Our spot cooling systems feature “flash cooling” and are infinitely superior to lightweight fans-which are much better suited to blow breezes in living rooms. Only a commercial-quality tool such as Misting Pros’ spot cooling equipment can do the job right.

misting pros inflatable misting fansMisting Pros™ offers portable evaporative coolers at factory outlet prices!

Misting Pros™ has direct relationships with manufacturers of evaporative coolers and we buy in huge volume.  This allows us to offer you high quality, quiet, powerful, and efficient evaporative coolers at factory outlet prices.

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