Patio Misting Systems

Take Climate Control Outside!

misting pros patio mistingEver wonder why it is so cold in San Francisco in the summer? IT’S THE FOG! Even 30 miles inland it can be 40 degrees warmer, but the fog near the coast has a powerful “evaporative cooling” effect. Now you can harness the very same cooling power and cool any outdoor space by 35 degrees or more with a patio misting system. Our outdoor cooling systems pump water through small nozzles at high pressure. The result is a micro-fine mist that floats in the air and then instantly evaporates. Very much like fog. And the process of evaporation actually uses heat from the air.

Use outdoor cooling to expand your usable living spacemisting pros patio cooling

For backyards and patios, use outdoor cooling to expand your leisure time options. Take the party outside, or have dinner on the patio instead of being stuck inside. With patio misting systems, you can plan your next outdoor barbeque or party with confidence. Hot weather will just not be a factor. With “patio misting” technology, you turn on the patio climate control system and enjoy spending time outdoors with your family and friends.

Homeowners spend so much time and money to make their outdoor spaces beautiful…shouldn’t they do everything they can to spend more time out there?  And when it is time to sell your house, this extra amenity will add significant value to your property.

Powerful “climate control” for outdoor events

Misting fans are the perfect tool for keeping a large group cool. Combining the breeze of fans with the cooling power of mist, crowds can be cooled up to 35 degrees. For weddings, outdoor festivals, sporting events, or other outside activities where lots of people will gather, use Misting Pros’ outdoor cooling systems.

Fun link: See how this site recommends building your own makeshift misting system using a spray bottle! That’s one way to get some outdoor cooling!

misting pros patio misting fanSave big on air conditioning bills by using patio misters.

Use patio misters to save money on those A/C bills too! Even if it is 100 degrees outside…you can create an outdoor oasis that is 70 degrees or cooler. So turn off that air conditioner, turn on the mist, and save big on those cooling bills. You can literally run the patio misters all day for only a fraction of the cost of cooling the whole house. And it’s nicer outside anyway, right?

Knock down those flying insects too!

Chase away mosquitoes, flies, yellow jackets…whatever nasty critters you have flying around! Insects naturally move away from the mist created by our patio misters. Surround your family with a cooling mist and keep those bugs away at the same time. Many customers tell us the systems would be worth the price for this impact on insects alone. We still throw in the cooling as an added bonus!

Helpful link: See this link for a step by step installation of outdoor misting systems.

Keep gardens and pets healthy and happymisting pros outdoor high pressure misting

For flowers, shrubs and vegetables…grow plants that thrive by keeping them cool during the hot weather months. Just run a branch off of your main mist line, and switch it on when the hot weather comes. Use a simple valve to operate the patio misting system and the garden system separately.