Misting Fans

Take Cooling to Another Level!

misting pros portable misting fanMisting fans generate amazing cooling power.  By using high velocity fans combined with misting technology, you can instantly cool the climate by 35 degrees or more.  For large warehouses or restaurant patios, we have commercial quality misting fans that are perfectly suited.  These can be operated with mist only, fan only, or mist + fan combined.

The perfect tool for shop and warehouse cooling

For spot cooling around the shop, misting fans are versatile.  They can easily be rolled from one area to another if logistics change.  Misting fans can also be permanently mounted to poles, walls, or from the ceiling.  They are perfect on loading docks in warehouses.

Greenhouse misting for humidification and coolingmisting pros wine humidification

Create optimal climates in the greenhouse.  Provide circulation, greenhouse humidification and greenhouse climate control with these powerful machines.  Misting keeps the vital humidity levels in the ideal range, and the fan circulates the air so that no “hot spots” develop.

Portable cooling units…in small, medium, or large

For portable cooling, we offer compact ice chest misting fans that will fit in the trunk, or 48 inch evaporative cooler fans that roll across the warehouse.  Youth sports teams love the ice chest models for sideline relief at games and tournaments.  As a sports cooling product, it really is the most versatile and portable cooling solution out there.  Large or small…misting fans pack a powerful punch when you need to cool a crowd.

For outdoor event cooling, roll out misting fans and cool the crowd fast.

These are the very same misting fans used every Sunday on NFL sidelines.  They combine a high powered wind with the evaporative cooling power of mist, the result is an instant cool-down of 35 degrees or more.  These are great for outdoor markets and fairs.  Theme parks have used these to cool lines and shows.  They are quiet and powerful, using misting technology and wind to spread the cool over the entire crowd.  They are available in oscillating versions as well.  A huge area can be cooled extremely effectively with the placement of two misting fans on opposite ends of an outdoor space.

We also offer local misting fan rentals in the Sacramento, CA area.

Helpful tip: Click here for some outside information on how misting fans work.