High Pressure Misting Systems

Higher pressure is the key

misting pros high pressure misting systemsHigh pressure misting systems are not all equal. In fact, some “misting systems” don’t use high pressure at all. We’ve all seen those low cost “patio misting systems” at the big box hardware stores. Hook them up to the hose, hang the lines and everything is cool and nice, right? Well….those so-called patio misting systems aren’t much more than mini-sprinklers. Everything gets wet while your space is only 10 degrees cooler. Authentic high pressure misting systems cool by cooling the space…not by getting everyone wet. By using high pressure (at least 1000psi), water is forced through tiny nozzles, producing a micro-fine mist. When the mist evaporates into the air, it actually “uses” heat in the process. With millions of tiny droplets evaporating into the air, and each one taking a small bit of heat with it, HUGE cooling occurs instantly. You can expect our patio misting systems to bring up to 35 degrees of cooling, thanks to the best mist cooling technology in the business–and the natural process of evaporative cooling.

What is “Flash Cooling?”

For true cooling power and for staying dry … you need to create a fine enough mist that will evaporate in the air. When the water evaporates, you get much greater cooling, and NOTHING GETS WET! The results can be amazing. Flash cooling is the wonderful result of the evaporation of water in the air. The chemical process of evaporation actually uses heat from the air. The water is gone, taking a little heat with every tiny droplet. Multiply that by thousands and thousands of droplets evaporating into the air and you can really achieve some serious cooling with high-pressure misting.

patio-mister-kitDoes a high pressure misting system work in high humidity?

In a word … yes. The humidity does reduce the cooling power at the more humid times of day, but no matter where you are, it always gets less humid as it gets hotter. Even in Baton Rouge Louisiana, when it gets up to 95 degrees, humidity levels drop down into the 50% range. Pretty nasty and uncomfortable weather for sure…but high pressure misting systems will help. Even in these extreme conditions, cooling of 15 degrees is still possible.

Patio misting systems can turn a nice backyard patio into an AMAZING one! This is one of the best upgrades you can make to your home. By using a high pressure patio mist system, you can increase the amount of time actually USING your outdoor space by hundreds of hours every summer. On a 95 degree day, would you like it to be more like 70 on the patio? We can help.


Choose only the best quality misting systems

High end resorts have been pampering their guests with high quality misting for years. Now these systems are becoming affordable for anyone. Combine a high pressure pump with high pressure misting lines and high quality nozzles…and you have a powerful high-end system ready to provide resort-class cooling and comfort.  We offer only top quality misting equipment that is built to last. Our misting pumps are commercial quality, down to the very last seal. Misting lines are available in heavy duty flexible nylon, paintable copper, and stainless steel. Misting nozzles are the highest quality available. Brass or stainless steel misting nozzles will allow you a micro-fine misting droplet of 5 microns or less. That is finer than the human hair! We offer only top quality mist equipment that is built to last. Our mist pumps are made in the USA and carry a full one year warranty.

Helpful link: See this link to our primary manufacturer (Fogco, Inc.) for detailed specs and further information on your mist system.

We make ordering easy!

With our simple packaging, you can “build” your own patio misting system. Choose from misting pumps, and then get a misting filter kit, then mist lines and nozzles. Or just call us for help. Our patio misting systems experts will be happy to assist you in exploring the many options so you can make informed decisions. So when you are making this decision, make it easy…choose MistingPros!

Helpful link: Check this link for unbiased information on patio misting systems.