Greenhouse Cooling

Grow Plants to Thrive

misting pros greenhouse mistingGreenhouse misting systems enhance ventilation and shading, which can help to avoid greenhouse overheating disasters.  They precisely regulate two critical growth factors. For plants to thrive, ideal levels of temperature and humidity are required. Greenhouse misting systems use evaporative cooling to cool your plants naturally. Water is pressurized and sprayed through tiny nozzles creating a micro-fine mist. The science is easy: heat is actually used or consumed in the process of evaporation. This mist evaporates in the air and the result? Vigorous, healthy plants with less work!

Provide needed moisture when temperatures rise
Ideal humidity levels for most growing environments are from 50-70%. In the warm weather months, the heat sucks away the humidity your plants so desperately need and they will begin to wilt. Unhealthy plants are the result. Use greenhouse misting systems to maintain ideal humidity, while also providing needed cooling. Use a humidistat control to automatically provide greenhouse humidification when humidity levels drop.

Helpful link: See this Wiki page on greenhouse misting for an encyclopedia of knowledge on everything “greenhouse.”

Greenhouse humidification is important because photosynthesis is slowed or stopped when humidity levels are low.  This is a stressful environment for plants, as their leaves are unable to exchange moisture, oxygen, and CO2.

Choose from 3 different tools for ideal greenhouse climates:misting pros greenhouse humidification
1. Greenhouse Humidification fans

These economical units are simple to hang and use. Through evaporative cooling and movement of air, they are capable of more than a 35 degree cool-down, and up to 100% humidity levels. These fans use high speed fans and centrifugal force to spray a fine mist of 25 micron water droplets…and stir the air at the same time. The result is good air movement for even temperatures and sufficient fogging for humidification and greenhouse cooling.

2. Misting Fans
If a higher level of air movement is required, choose our greenhouse misting fans. In greenhouses that are not already equipped for good air movement, misting fans allow powerful air circulation and greenhouse cooling. These fans bring up to 13000 cfm (cubic feet per minute) of wind. This spreads the cool air evenly around the structure and eliminates hot spots. Then add high pressure misting into the equation, and you get powerful evaporative cooling as well. You can produce a mist so fine that it instantly evaporates. This evaporation actually sucks heat from the greenhouse air like a sponge, and the result is amazingly cooler greenhouses. Fans can be operated mist only, mist plus fan, or fan only.

3. Misting Systems
If proper air circulation is already employed, buy a misting system kit to control temperature and humidity. Misting systems work by way of evaporative cooling. The pump forces water through misting lines at high pressure to small nozzles spread along the ceiling or structure of your greenhouse. A fine mist is created that evaporates into the air. You can achieve much higher humidity levels as well. Provide incredible “greenhouse cooling.”

Helpful link: See this link for an in depth study of greenhouse cooling issues done at the University of Florida.