Golf Course Cooling

Golf Course Cooling allows Comfort on the Course!

golf course cooling pictureGolf course cooling provides a cool, comfortable experience for golfers. Choose high pressure misting for a relaxing outdoor environment outside the clubhouse or place misting fans around practice areas for a comfortable experience. Word travels fast. Your golf clients will tell their golfing buddies and keep coming back for more!

Provide top-notch practice facilities

Use misting systems and misting fans to cool the practice range and putting green. We all know that for golfing success, hours of practice are required. Golfers will spend hundreds or even thousands a year on lessons, range balls, and in the clubhouse after practice sessions. Will they choose your facility or go somewhere else? Golf course cooling gives you the edge-especially if you also equip your facility with cooling golf carts. Click here to find out more!

Pamper your guests with resort-class hospitality, and reap the benefits!

Golfers expect to be treated well. A club or course that thoughtfully provides for the comfort of their guests will build a reputation for hospitality. With so much competition out there, an investment in cooling technology could be all you need to swing popular opinion in your direction. High pressure misting cools the surrounding air by more than 35°, without any residual wetting.

Cooling Golf Carts Tee Up Heat Relief and Profits

golfcourseCooling golf carts is a spectacular remedy for 4-6 hours in the blazing sun, which can take the fun out of about anything…even golf! When playing on a hot day, your energy level and focus can drop off, leading to a less enjoyable day on the golf course. With simple cooling solutions on golf carts, these troubles can be solved forever.
Golf course managers . . . More summer rounds

Cooling golf carts at your facility keeps golfers coming back for more in warm weather months. Golf course managers have reported up to a 20% increase in summer rounds when cooling measures are in place.
Choose portable 12-volt misting systems or compact air coolers

Choose from 2 different ways of cooling golf carts. We offer misting systems that cool with mist, or compact air coolers that use ice and air in cooling golf carts.