About Mist Systems and Misting Fans

Why Misting Pros?
We specialize in mist systems and misting fans. It is all we do. So we can provide expert advice on which systems to choose, help with installation, and provide any support you need after it is installed. We have direct relationships with the manufacturers, so we can provide mist systems and misting fans to you at significantly reduced prices.

Will a mist system or misting fan work in high humidity?
Yes. The cooling is more powerful in dryer areas. But even in the most humid areas, evaporative cooling can work well. Even in Louisiana, where midday humidity levels can get up to 60% on a 100 degree day, our mist systems can cool the air by 15 degrees.

Relative Humidity % City, State Misting SystemCooling At 95¢ªF
Upper 50’s Baton Rouge, LA 15¢ªF
Lower 50’s St. Louis, MO 18¢ªF
Upper 10’s Phoenix, AZ 25¢ªF
Mid 50’s Philadelphia, PA 16¢ªF
Upper 50’s Orlando, FL 15¢ªF


Can I install it myself?
Yes! We always say if you can hang lights for the holidays you can install a misting system or a misting fan. Very basic tools are required, like a screwdriver, wrench, hammer and drill. Very simple and specific instructions on installation will be delivered with your system.

What factors are important in designing a mist system?
Basically, the factors are height of installation, length required, and humidity levels in your area. If it is humid, we will recommend a different setup for your mist system–but it will still work very effectively for you.

Do I need a filter for the mist system?
Yes. The orifices of the misting nozzles are so small, that they can clog if your water has any particulates in it. Our basic filter kit will be sufficient for most users. It filters out any particles in your water down to 5 microns in size. For even better clog-free performance, choose a double filter setup with one 5 micron filter and one 1 micron filter. This almost completely assures clog-free use for your.

Is any maintenance required?
Very minimal maintenance should be necessary for misting systems. Yearly cleaning of the nozzles will help avoid clogging. And the pumps do have oil that will need to be changed every so often, depending mostly on hours of service. Often it is not necessary to do anything for a year or two at a time.

How much water will it use?
The number of nozzles and the size of nozzles are the primary factors in determining how much water your mist system will use. For instance, a 50- foot system using standard .012 size nozzles spaced every 30 inches would use 0.6 gallons per minute.

Can I turn my standard fans into misting fans?
Yes. Using our misting rings you can easily retrofit your fans to be misting fans. If you have good quality fans in your home or business, these conversions can generate nice savings.

Are my purchase transactions safe and my privacy secure?
Absolutely! Purchases of misting systems and misting fans are 100% guaranteed to be safe and secure. Moreover, your credit card information is used only to process your transaction (we never store it). We guarantee that your personal and financial information will never be given or sold to any outside parties.

Do I need misting fans or a mist system?
For bigger areas, misting fans are the right choice. They provide the cooling power of mist, but also spread the cool air around to a much bigger area. For warehouse cooling, outdoor cooling such as crowd or event cooling, misting fans are also the best choice. For smaller or more confined areas, such as patios and outdoor eating areas, mist systems are the better option. Most often the need for fans or movement of air is unnecessary, as the misting provides more than enough evaporative cooling to make conditions comfortable.

How do you ship your misting systems and misting fans?
Given the size of our systems, we normally freight-ship our misting systems and misting fans. They will arrive on a pallet on your driveway or business delivery dock. Shipments of multiple parts or components will be combined whenever possible to save on shipping costs for customers. Smaller item shipments will be shipped via UPS.

Why higher pressure?
The only way to achieve evaporative cooling without wetting is with higher pressure pumps and very small nozzle orifices. Forcing water through very small nozzles creates a micro-fine fog that easily evaporates into the air. Those cheap systems from the big box stores only work by wetting; thus, cooling is actually less effective as well.

How do I know what size pump (gpm) to order?
We will help you make that decision. To start with, please take a look at our helpful tools we offer on this site.

How many nozzles will a pump feed?
Again, it depends on the size of the nozzles you are planning to use. Residential/Commercial pumps are normally 1-5 gallons per minute. We do offer much larger ones for agricultural or industrial users. Here is a simple guide :

  • 1gpm – 32 standard (.012) nozzles (More if smaller nozzles are used)
  • 2gpm – 64 standard (.012) nozzles (More if smaller nozzles are used)
  • 3gpm – 100 standard (.012) nozzles (More if smaller nozzles are used
  • 4gpm – 130 standard (.012) nozzles (More if smaller nozzles are used
  • 5gpm – 160 standard (.012) nozzles (More if smaller nozzles are used)
Lots of additional information is available on this site about Misting Pros’ mist systems and misting fans!