Dairy Misting Maximizes Milk Production and Profits

misting pros cattle mistingDairy misting lowers heat stress, which is crucial to optimizing cows’ productivity and profitability. When cows are heat stressed, production falls, and you lose money. Misting fans can bring more than 35 cooler temperatures to your animals. When the wind of the fans is added to the evaporating mist, an even lower “effective temperature” results.

Dairy misting lowers heat stress, which has many positive benefits:

  • Increase lying down time in the free stalls.
  • Cows save vital energy for milk production instead of body cooling.
  • Feed conversion rates are greatly improved.
  • Increase milk production 5-6 pounds per cow/per day!

Fight off disease and illness

Dairy misting picks up where traditional cooling methods leave off. Standard spray and fan systems soak the animals and cool through evaporation of body heat. This method is fine when wet conditions are acceptable in the feed lane and holding pens. But in the free stalls, excessive moisture can lead to unsanitary conditions and increased infection and disease. Industry Studies have proven the best cooling approach to be a combination of the two methods.

Dairy misting pays big dividends

Your investment in dairy misting equipment can pay for itself very quickly. For instance: Assuming a 1,000 cow herd is mist cooled and is able to produce an increase of just 3 pounds of milk per day/per animal. The gross return per animal would be $45,000 (using a market price of $15.00 per hundred-weight.) Allowing for an operating cost of $10,000/year, the payback period would be less than 3 years. Moreover, many dairies are able to achieve as much as 6 pounds of additional production per animal, which would cut the payback period in half. Our high-quality American-made “dairy misting” systems will last and provide increased profits for many years.