What Size Nozzles should I Choose?

For patio misting systems, nozzle sizing is one of the most important factors for successful system design. Whether your area is dry or humid, your hotter days are 105 degrees or 90 degrees, if you mount the mist nozzles at 8 feet high or 12 feet high on the patio, and how far apart the nozzles are spaced on the misting lines will all determine the right size to choose.

For a starting point, we will use a typical scenario. In our example the usual high temperatures in summer time are 92-95 degrees. Humidity is reasonable (25-50% in the afternoon) and the mist lines will be hung at 8 feet high. This is our most common story. In this case, we would recommend a nozzle spacing of 24 inches, and nozzle size of .008”.)

If you live where it is much hotter (like 97-100 for a typical high) we would recommend a jump to the .012” nozzles. Same recommendation if you are mounting the lines at around 10 feet, as our fine mist tends to evaporate and you would need more of that water in the air to be able to fill that larger space with cool, evaporated mist.

Alternatively, if you live where it is cooler (like 80-90 for a high) or in high humidity (over 50%) or you would be mounting the lines at 6-7 feet, we would recommend the .006” nozzles.

With so many factors and combinations of factors determining the right choice in patio misting system nozzles, it is hard to describe them all here in one place. This should be a great starting point, and feel free to call us at (877)877-MIST if you’d like more guidance on it. Hope this helps!

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