Won’t my Patio get Wet?

This is the biggest myth in misting. Yes, if you are used to a cheap, “connect-it-to-your-garden-hose” system, you have probably dealt with some wetness. We aren’t selling the flimsy stuff here! This is the whole reason you up the budget a bit and introduce a high pressure misting pump into the mix. The difference is like night and day!

With higher pressure, you create a much finer mist…and way more of it! The mist is fine enough that it will completely evaporate into the air without hitting the ground. And the evaporation is where the cooling comes from…not the wetness. The chemical process of evaporation actually requires or “uses” heat to occur. So every drop of mist that evaporates into the air actually takes heat with it! When you are evaporating millions of droplets into the air every minute, the effects are dramatic. And no…you won’t get wet!

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