Agricultural Cooling

Good for Livestock and Great for Profits

agricultural cooling systemsAgricultural cooling systems use misting technology to fight off heat stress, our misting systems and fans keep livestock thriving in optimal climate conditions. Studies show that feed conversion and weight gain are significantly improved with optimal body temperatures. According to a university study, agricultural cooling increases swine growth, showing a 10-20 % increase in weight gain rate, increased profits and reductions in time to market. Comfortable animals are indeed productive animals! For further details, please visit this University of Kentucky study on agricultural cooling.

Cows love our dairy misting systems!

Cool cows produce more milk. Dairy facilities have been wetting cows in feed lines and holding pens for many years for production benefits. But in the free stalls or resting areas, a wet environment is an unsuitable one. The solution is to use misting fans or mist lines to cool cows between milking and feeding times, which is accomplished without any wetting of the animals or stalls. Using flash evaporation, these areas can be cooled up to 35 degrees! Here’s more on the benefits of dairy misting.

A comfortable bird is a productive bird!poultry cooling system

In hot weather months, chickens and turkeys use too much valuable energy to fight off heat stress. Chickens do not have a natural means of heat reduction. When it gets hot, they eat less, produce less, and often their health suffers. Read more about poultry misting here.

Controlled climates keep workers safe and happy

Managers in agriculture have been struggling for years to keep their workers safe and productive in hot weather-because employees work longer and better in a cooler climate. Using agricultural cooling technology, your work force will be more productive and more effective with higher morale. In addition to facilitating longer work shifts, agricultural misting reduces farm and ranch odors.