Greenhouse Misting Supercharges Greenhouse Growth

greenhouse misting picsGreenhouse misting systems and greenhouse humidification fans precisely regulate two critical growth factors. For plants to thrive, ideal levels of temperature and humidity are required. Isn't that why we put them in greenhouses? Air temperature and humidity are all under control with misting. The result? Vigorous, healthy plants with less work!

Plants love greenhouse humidification fans!

Choose our greenhouse humidification fans for simple "hang and use" cooling power. Using centrifugal force, water is dispersed through the high speed fans in a fine vapor. The water droplets evaporate immediately in the wind of the fan, causing a "flash cooling" effect. This evaporation brings up to 35 degrees of cooling, regardless of the weather outside. Adjustable water flow to the fans allows for less or more humidity to be added to the climate. The breeze of the fan spreads the cool mist around the structure, bringing the necessary element of air circulation for more uniform temperatures throughout the structure. This results in ideal greenhouse climates, with minimal residual wetting below.

Greenhouse misting takes climate control
to the next level

Our greenhouse misting systems are ideal for temperature and humidity control. With greenhouse misting systems, pressurized water allows for ultra-fine water to drift into the air. This mist vaporizes immediately in the air, consuming heat in the process. Quick cooling of up to 35 degrees is the result, with no residual wetting down below. Timer and humidity controllers can also be used to fully automate your climate-control misting system. Use greenhouse misting and greenhouse humidification fans for optimal greenhouse climate control.

Helpful link: See this Wiki page on greenhouse misting for an encyclopedia of knowledge on everything "greenhouse." And get valuable gardening information at

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