About Mist Systems and Misting Fans

Why Misting Pros?
We specialize in mist systems and misting fans. It is all we do. So we can provide expert advice on which systems to choose, help with installation, and provide any support you need after it is installed. We have direct relationships with the manufacturers, so we can provide mist systems and misting fans to you at significantly reduced prices.

Will a mist system or misting fan work in high humidity?
Yes. The cooling is more powerful in dryer areas. But even in the most humid areas, evaporative cooling can work well. Even in Louisiana, where midday humidity levels can get up to 60% on a 100 degree day, our mist systems can cool the air by 15 degrees.

Relative Humidity % City, State Misting SystemCooling At 95¢ªF
Upper 50’s Baton Rouge, LA 15¢ªF
Lower 50’s St. Louis, MO 18¢ªF
Upper 10’s Phoenix, AZ 25¢ªF
Mid 50’s Philadelphia, PA 16¢ªF
Upper 50’s Orlando, FL 15¢ªF


Can I install it myself?

What factors are important in designing a mist system?

Do I need a filter for the mist system?

Is any maintenance required?

How much water will it use?

Can I turn my standard fans into misting fans?

Are my purchase transactions safe and my privacy secure?

Do I need misting fans or a mist system?

How do you ship your misting systems and misting fans?

Why higher pressure?

How do I know what size pump (gpm) to order?

How many nozzles will a pump feed?
Lots of additional information is available on this site about Misting Pros’ mist systems and misting fans!