Portable Cooling Systems

Just how portable do you want it? We have portable cooling systems that can be easily carried in the trunk of your car, and go all the way up to powerhouse misting fans that can be rolled around the warehouse for spot cooling. And many products in between

Dual 24" fans with tank

Stock Number MP8480SC
Description Two oscillating fans with a 1000psi pump, 50 gallon tank and all-surface cart. Perfect for outdoor event cooling. This powerhouse machine can cool up to 2500 square feet by up to 35 degrees.

30 Inch Cart Fan

Stock Number MP730L
Description This low profile cart fan is perfect for spot cooling versatility. Warehouse cooling fans can increase workers productivity and accuracy...they could pay for themselves very quickly!

24 Inch Cart Fan

Stock Number MP724L
Description This "LowBoy" Fan can easily be rolled around for spot cooling in a warehouse cooling application...or anywhere else you need it 35 degrees cooler! Throws cool air 40 feet.

36 Inch Industrial High Pressure Fan

Stock Number MP736
Description With a throw of 75 feet, these monsterous cart mounted fans can cool very large spaces. Choose the oscillating model to cool up to 5000 square feet!

30 Inch High Pressure Pedestal Fan

Stock Number CB730
Description This 1000psi fan can spread cool air up to 60 feet in distance. Choose the oscillating version to cool a total of 2500 square feet! Cool your space by up to 35 degrees!

24 Inch High Pressure Pedestal Fan

Stock Number CB724
Description 1000psi misting fan with everything needed to throw cool air up to 40 feet. Choose the oscillating version for a total cooling coverage of over 1000 square feet. Cool your space by up to 35 degrees! ... more

CoolerMax Portable Cooling Machine

Stock Number MP828
Description This fully portable cooling machine is perfect for sports teams, construction crews, or any outdoor event. Can easily and cheaply be converted to a 12volt system with an inverter.


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outdoor event cooling fan

$7110.00    You Save $1185.00!!

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