Outdoor Misting Systems - 3/8 Inch Nylon Mist Line (50 foot coil)

Stock Number 92700
Description 1000 psi rated mist line for custom outdoor misting systems installation. This line is rated over 1000 psi, which enables micro nozzles to emit an ultra fine mist. This mist is so fine that it can fully evaporate in the air, taking heat in the process. It is flexible and easy to work with on installation. Customize or extend your installation with our slip lok fittings. Buy a 50 foot coil for smaller installations where custom placement or spacing of fogging nozzles is needed. Using our tubing cutter, simply cut and install each section one at a time for error free placement. For evenly spaced mist nozzles, take a look at our 24 inch and 30 inch precut sections as well.


$94.00    You Save $-13.00!!
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