Landscape Misting

Landscape accents for dramatic outdoor scenery.

Patio misting systems and kits

Patio misting systems and kits for outdoor cooling in your backyard. High pressure mist pumps provide evaporative cooling of up to 35 degrees. Its like outdoor air conditioning for your patio!

Landscape Accent 'Add-on' 5 Nozzle Package

Part Number 93621
Description Includes 5 landscape risers with nozzles and 50 feet of tubing to connect them. Use this setup to enhance landscaping in unlimited ways. Turn sunbathing or lounging areas into your personal oasis from... more

Pool Fog - 3 Nozzle Line Package

Part Number 93622
Description Misting around your pool's edge can turn a beautiful pool into a breathtaking one. Mainly for new construction pools or hot tubs, it can also be retrofitted in remodeling projects. The kit includes 50... more


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TOP:Landscape Add-On

$260.40    You Save $43.40!!

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