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Thank you so much for providing the cooling for our wedding. It was 102 at the hottest and our guests were all amazed that the misting fans could do such a great job of keeping things cool. the Mist fans saved the party! -L Sanchez
Outdoor Event Cooling Cutsomer

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misting pros patio misting system

Should I use Misting Fans or Misting Lines for my System?

There are two basic choices for cooling a patio or other outdoor space: misting fans or a standard high pressure misting system with lines of misting nozzles. If you have an outdoor space with a patio cover, gazebo, or similar structure, mist lines are a great way to go. This is really the best application for patio […]

misting pros patio misting system kit

What Size Nozzles should I Choose?

For patio misting systems, nozzle sizing is one of the most important factors for successful system design. Whether your area is dry or humid, your hotter days are 105 degrees or 90 degrees, if you mount the mist nozzles at 8 feet high or 12 feet high on the patio, and how far apart the nozzles are spaced […]

misting pros landscape misting

Won’t my Patio get Wet?

This is the biggest myth in misting. Yes, if you are used to a cheap, “connect-it-to-your-garden-hose” system, you have probably dealt with some wetness. We aren’t selling the flimsy stuff here! This is the whole reason you up the budget a bit and introduce a high pressure misting pump into the mix. The difference is like night and […]